We believe that Quality is one of our competitive advantage which differentiates us from others.  We ensure First Time Right (FTR)  in all our processes and duly confirm the same by appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Inspection and Testing.

Our Quality Assessment (QA) / Quality Checks (QC) starts from the inspection and testing of raw material and ends with Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI)

Our Quality Inspection & Testing Stages:

Raw Material Stage

We check and inspect our raw material with different tests and quality checks

Material Testing using Spectometer
UTS – Universal testing machine
Testing of Hardness using Vickers hardness tester

Slitter Stage – Quality Checks

Various stages of measurement and quality checks during slitting process

Raw Material (RM) width using Measuring Tape
Slit width mearuement using Vernier Calipper
Thickness measurement with Micrometer

Dispatch Stage Inspection

Inspection done before dispatching the material to customers

Visual dimensions inspection (VDI) using Vernier, Micrometer and measuring tape
Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) using Visual, Vernier, Micrometer and measuring tape

Mill Stage Quality Checks

Different stages of quality check and testing during milling operation

Dimensional Check using Vervier, Micrometer & Pie Tape
Weld Test (On Line) using Eddy Current tester
Weld test (off line) using Ultra Sonic tester
Weld Micro using Microscope
Flattening Test using Flattening Tester

Process flow of ERW:

ERW Welding Section:

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